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Who Am I?

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
- Benjamin Franklin

Assalamualaikum, hello, and good day.

A little about me

I am Nadzirah, best known as Nasa in this blog, which is a nickname from my compressed full name. Currently residing in Kelantan, Malaysia, and fluent in Kelate, Bahasa and English. Aged 20-ish, I am a full-time student in UUM pursuing a degree in International Business Management.

Do I like business that much? Well, in thinking of theories and planning, yes. But in doing the actual business of selling products, I am quite awkward in it. Hence, I am still learning to increase my skills to have better communication technique with other people.

Quite an introvert with a personality of INFP-T. I look judgy upon first meeting. But once I am comfortable with you, you would be more likely to see a different side of me. Usually a more talkative person and not that reserved compared to my taciturnity on our first meeting hehe

Something about the blog

This blog has been established since 2013 (after several other blogs), under the huge influence of the big names in blogging such as Fatin Liyana, Cik Epal, Hanis Zalikha, Yuyu Zulaikha, Ben Ashaari, Zack Zukhairi, and many others. I have always like reading and writing since my school days. So when I know of blogging as a platform allowing us to write whatever experience we'd like to share and is also a well-accepted activity, of course I'd join in too :D

However, most of the earlier entries have been discarded due to immature writing style and contents lol. I restarted the blog on 2015 to share about my diploma days in KPM Ayer Molek and only becoming more active in these recent years, as I finally overcome my mental barrier where I used to think that my blog should always talk about informative stuff. In reality, even small things in life could be a content. As long as it does not touch on sensitive issues, I could publish it if I want because it's MY blog.

Can't believe I had a late realization about that. Otherwise, I could have had written a lot more. But, lessons learnt. So you might come across the most random, menial things in my published blog posts. Other that that though, my writings do focus more on life experience, studies, cooking tips, and product reviews. And my main language in this blog is Bahasa ya (with a dash of rojak somewhere haha)

What I like to do

I used to be an avid reader. But living in East Coast Malaysia, I had enough trauma of big floods affecting my home and destroying my books. So, I am now mostly reading manga and webtoons in mobile application. Easier since less storage space for books and less risks of damage.

Occasionally would watch movies and animes, with a preference for horror genre. I sometimes watch Korean dramas, but most of the times could not get over my own curse of being stuck at episode 6 or 11. Seriously I have a long list of K-Dramas that I did not finish after reaching that episode lol

Music preference is leaning on Western and Korean pop music, with a sprinkle of Japanese songs I like from the animes I watch. Malay songs? There has not been any songs that truly capture my interest and make the songs memorable so far. Tapi yang penting sis suka lagu Faizal Tahir haha

I have a knack at paper crafts too, more specifically, quilling arts. Bet most of you have never even heard of it lol. Others say this art looks taxing, but I find rolling the quilling paper strips is therapeutic. Occasionally, I do accept custom orders when I have the energy to. So come find my arts and connect with me in Instagram @serialquiller_ 😊

That's all. Thank you for visiting this page.