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Quilling: A New Beginning

in , , by NaSa, November 23, 2014

Goodness! How I miss the clicking sound of the keyboard each time I write something in my blog. Or better said HOW I MISS MY BLOG!! Plenty of free time I have had these days but the only update I offer is a recipe, of which I’m sure lots of my fellow bloggers have bragged about. What a shame. I even bought one month worth of broadband!

But the blame for my negligence has to be put on something else, though. Something artsy. Something colourful. Something that requires so much attention that if you dare let yourself be clumsy, you will face GREAT DEATH… of motivation!!

LOL. Sounds serious, right? But it is true, though. Quilling has gotten myself real busy nowadays and the only place I would be at almost all times is my workstation. 

My, my, what a brave statement to say that I have a workstation. In reality it is only a Japanese table with the foldable legs which one of them is already broken. I have to secure it with some string before using it. Can’t even put strong pressure on it. Or else it will collapse. Serves the idiotic me right for not checking the table’s condition fully before proceeding to the checkout. Haha…

What is quilling, you ask?

Well, quilling, my dear, is an art of coiling/rolling stones paper strips and turning them into various shapes which can then be used to create other things such as flower, animals, whatever it is that your imagination inspires you to do. An example is shown above where my imagination was somehow quite dysfunctional thus the ugly HI that I made. hehe... 

It is rather easy to be done. But patience is very required in it since the process of coiling/rolling will consume much of your time before the real creating business can begin. If you have little/none of this patience, you might as well just find other pastime to fill your spare time. Boxing, perhaps. *grins sarcastically*

Luckily for me, I have no issues with it. Although there were times that I felt like breaking all three other legs of my Japanese table when my marquis did not turn out prettily as expected, I still managed to endure it. After all quilling IS highly effective to get me busy and forget all the agony of failing my A-Level. 

Not my agony, though. I have long ago screwed that stereotype of ‘straight As students need to be in university’. I mean, duhh!! Straight As students also have other things to be done rather than more studying just to get another good mark on a plain paper. Like quilling commercially, perhaps. (Seriously I have had enough of these people putting lots of expectation on me.)

Enough with the confession part. Now, off we go to my quilling projects.

Oh, wait. Look at that time at the corner of your screen. It is getting really really late already. I need to go to sleep. I will share my projects later. See ya.

Assalamualaikum dan terima kasih sudi baca ;)
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