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Quilling Typography Projects

in , , by NaSa, November 24, 2014

As I delve deeper and deeper into the art of quilling, I think it is just right for me to be hooked on another function of it, QUILLED TYPOGRAPHY!!!

I first fell in love with it when I stumbled upon Miyyah@Kertas while looking for more tutorials to help enhance my skills. She made this very gorgeous quilling art typography as wedding boards and gifts. The colour combinations she used are so beautiful and it immediately inspired me to do one of my own.

And here is the result.

This is made specially for my 20th birthday last October. Too special that I made it two weeks prior to the real date. Hahaha... 

Guess I was just too excited. But I still waited until one day before my birthday, though, before I started filling the inside of the letters with the coils and scrolls. Simply because I thought that finishing it and bragging about it in Instagram far too early would only make me look desperate. LOL

Well, the thought that this is a 'from-me-to-myself' birthday gift is rather disturbing, actually. But luckily I did get something from my eldest sister. Errr... To specifically say that it is a gift is not fully accurate because I actually ASKED for the money from her and it just so happened that the parcel arrived one day after my birthday. That was why it seemed like a belated birthday present. haha...
Hello paper shredder, goodbye scissors. :D

This is what we got for me. A portable paper shredder that can be powered either by USB cable or batteries, produces strips of papers with the width of 3 mm, and it also has a built-in letter opener. 

Not sure how the last function will help me in my quilling activity but really big thanks to Miyyah who wrote about this shredder in her blog. Now, I no longer have to deal with the sore thumbs from using the scissors for too long. 

Gazillions of love too to my eldest sister since all that I asked for was only RM 40 for a manual paper shredder. One that you have to put the paper into the slot and rotate the handle to shred the paper. 

But to my surprise, she did a research on her own about other paper shredders and I guess she found out that deep in my heart, I actually wanted the electronic paper shredder, so she gave me RM 100, far more than enough to get myself the shredder of my dream. Hooray!!

These are my first projects soon after I got the paper shredder. Both are as gifts for my elder sister. Not that it was her birthday or anything. She was just simply jealous of my birthday wish board that she asked me to do one for her. Luckily I am in no place to set a price since I am just a beginner in quilling. Or else, she would have had to pay at least RM70 for both boards. Haha...

One last thing that I can say about these boards, LOVE IT!!!! 

Thanks to the paper shredder, my paper strips are more uniform in size, the surface of my quilling projects are more even, it is easier to roll the paper strips, and the intended shape comes out prettier, too. 

This way, surely I can improve from a beginner to a better quiller. By then, my chance to commercialize my quilled artworks will also gets higher, right?

Wish me luck. :)

Assalamualaikum and thank you for reading;)
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