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From a first glance, can you believe that this piece of art is actually produced from a tissue paper roll? Well of course you can, can't you? The rolling effect on the coils, plus the uneven cut on the edges are very obvious for you to think that it is actually made from wood. haha.. 

I made this last October or so, not long after I stumbled upon its tutorial in Pinterest while looking for other quilling projects that I can try. At first, it was quite hard to understand the how-to since the webpage is in Chinese language. Even harder when instead of using toilet paper roll as required, I used kitchen towel roll. You may be saying that it was nothing serious since both of them were similar, shape and function alike. 

But no. It is a BIG no. Kitchen towel roll was much sturdier, harder, and stronger as compared to the toilet paper roll that each time I cut a 5 mm strip out of it, I felt like my thumb was breaking. Literally. 

Anyway, I cannot complain since the kitchen towel roll was the only thing that I could find in my house that resembled the materials needed since as Malays (or Muslim), we do not use toilet paper in our toilet (we use water instead). Tissues for us exist in only two forms; boxed tissue or kitchen towel tissue. If you think that I am going to buy toilet papers that we are not going to use just for its rolls, think again. So, yeahh... haha...

Lucky for me, though, that even though I could not understand Chinese writings, I could understand the step-by-step pictures that was included by the owner of the webpage. Big thanks to his/her great photography skill and a very detailed step-by-step. If you are interested to make one yourself, have a go by following the tutorial pictures below. I would like to credit it, but I just cannot remember where did I download the picture since I was browsing the Internet via mobile phone. hmm...

***The final product is said to be made as a coaster but I will only hang mine on my bedroom wall, as flowers. Haha...

Assalamualaikum and thank you for reading ;)
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