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Quilling: Cartoon Projects

in , by NaSa, November 23, 2014

Okay. As promised yesterday night (before I went to sleep supposedly but I ended up scrolling 9GAG and only slept at 4a.m. What a bummer. -_-"), today I am going to share the projects that I have done ever since I got my hands in quilling practice. 

But first, let me tell something funny about this quilling thing. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE IN REAL LIFE. 

Never. Not online. Not even in person. Yet it just occured to me somehow that I wanted to do quilling. I wanted to roll the paper strips and turn them into something spectacular. Something that I have always had it lingering in my mind each time I was lazing sleepily on my bed. I wanted to make a quilling of...


Phew!! This surely is a far too big of an ambition for a beginner like me but, I did it!!

Vanished is the urge to throw my stupid newly bought Japanese table away since can you believe it? I was halfway done with this project when the broken leg decided to break again and caused the water bottle to fall. Yep. Nearly a liter of water bathed us both that day, Olaf and me alike.

Of course, the entire project is exhausting as well. Especially when my printer is not working, and I had to draw my version of Olaf manually based on LOOKING at a photo that I googled online. But hey, even Rome is not built in one day. So, what's the rush?

Another thing is of course Olaf is not born as immediately as I have the thought of quilling it. Before I can learn how to walk, I must first learn how to crawl. And my crawling, OH HOW HIDEOUS THEY WERE!!

Since I cut the papers manually, of course I need to do some markings before the scissors could do its part. Unfortunately, having an unstable hand like mine would only indicate that I will not have a clean paper strip. The pencil trace was obvious as eff, and the edges were all uneven.

Yet I could not be bothered much. I am a newbie, for God's sake. Nobody ever succeeds on their first try. The only thing I can do is to keep trying so I can improve myself. Thus, it is why I made this. *grins*

'No. This is Patrick!'
I daresay this piece receives the highest amount of likes in my Instagram account as compared to my other quilling pieces. In fact, it even surpasses THIS!!!

Honestly, I was expecting more people to like Toothless since seriously, whose heart does not melt when the Night Fury copied Hiccup's grin for the first time? I knew my heart did. But I guess Malaysians' vote take side on Patrick more since they ARE more acquainted to his silliness than Toothless'. Nevertheless, I love, love, love both of them.  ❤❤❤❤

There are still more projects that I have done and are soon to-be-done but i will take the pleasure to share them next time. Till then, keep smiling.

Assalamualaikum and thanks for reading ;)
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